Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blogging on the Fly?

I've gotten an ap for my iPhone that is letting me blog while I sit in the waiting room at a salon. I'm geeking out about it.

Now I can monologue to myself (like i do when texting my sister) without her just ignoring me!

Now I can "work" from anywhere. Two of my other jobs allow this but now the Blogger "job" does, too!

Now I can write and write and write my brilliant stuff while I wait at the table for friends to arrive at lunch or Charlie to return from the men's room.

Now it looks like I'm talking to someone via text or sending important emails from my phone but really I'm just babbling into a blog post.

What a wonderful world! Blogging on the fly could become my new habit. Especially since beginning June 1 I'll be blogging every day. It's a challenge I joined, it's 30 days only, and it's meant to transform my blog.

Step 1: make it easier to post. Check!

I haven't sold ads or worked too hard to build a list because I wanted to be true to the message. Will this new push and new ap rob the work of its integrity?

While that remains to be seen, what is not likely to happen is a complete transformation or explosion in subscribers. I'm a small blog girl, I feel that in my bones.

Okay. Enough babbling. Experiment over. Check back for a new, real post soon. One that's not "on the fly."

Have you found doing the same thing in a new way to be invigorating? Leave a comment and tell me when!

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