Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What the hell happened to May?

So I knew it had been a while since I’d posted here. I’ve done some posts on GenX Stories. I participated in Submit-O-Rama May, so I had to update the progress there.

I have also been on the Northeast Area Update on the Chamber blog, though I have a great ghostwriter this summer, my cousin Preston.

But when I came over here just now to check on Clemson Road, I saw I’ve been gone since April.


Yup. Sorry, dear readers, but Life on Clemson Road has not stood still while I was away. In fact, it picked up momentum and all these things happened:

Charlie turned 40.

We made it through the one-year anniversary of Nana’s passing.

I stepped into Submit-O-Rama May and sent off three short stories, organized my Canterbury Tales project, and decided to submit Derecho (four stories about a windstorm in 2012) to a chapbook contest.

I chaperoned Hollie’s class trip to the Charleston Aquarium.

I agreed to run a half marathon and though it’s not until September, training has begun.

We joined the Columbia Country Club and took Hollie on her second-ever golf outing

She had her ballet recital. They danced to a song with lyrics, "I'm a little girl with great big plans."

As usual, I’m busy. But I’ve not forgotten to learn and to reflect. I promise individual columns for each of the experiences above.

All the best for now. Check back soon.


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