Monday, December 16, 2013

They Just Keep Moving the Line

I’ve been toying with an idea for several months now. It would be a series of essays written as letters to my favorite Pulitzer Prize winning writer. When we met nearly two years ago, he and I had an interesting conversation about empathy.

My idea is to pick up the debate we were having and explain myself. It’s almost one of those, “What I should have said,” series. Kind of like every unrequited love poem ever written.

As I was describing the idea to a writer friend not too long ago he responded very candidly,

“Who would read that?”

He had a point. There are two ways to address this so I’ll do so as if this blog allowed you to Choose Your Own Adventure. To see the topic addressed as, “If no one reads it, is it worth writing?” Click Here. To read the topic addressed as, “Shouldn’t we all want to explore the topic of empathy?” Click Here.


Now, I’d like to apologize for not writing more regularly in 2013.

The truth is that Life on Clemson Road has been a bit tumultuous since May. I’ve been seeking transformation, trying to rededicate myself to everything from running to writing, experiencing the deepest grief with which I have ever been confronted and completing the greatest triumph of my academic life.

I’ve been wondering if this blog about Life in Transition, needs a remodel.  I mean, how many times can I really talk about coping with change before someone just says,

“It’s not all profound, Kasie. Some of it is just life.”

I’m interested in your thoughts. What does the blog need? More content? Less content? Contests? Challenges? Book reviews? Interviews? An editorial calendar? Hm. Maybe.
Organization might be what we need here. A little old fashioned clean up might be warranted, too.

Okay. While I try to figure it out, leave me a comment with your thoughts or ideas. Or, read these two posts about my work-in-progress Letters to Richard Ford, which I’m writing anyway, despite the fact it will almost certainly be a commercial failure.

Or, watch this clip from Smash. One of my favorite commercial failures and the source of this post's title.

Leave a comment with redesign suggestions. I may take your advice.


  1. :) so what I take from this is you are asking why we write? Motivation for some I will suggest is because we cannot "not" do it - it is a natural and needed outlet and whether others read from it and identify or not, it expresses something within that we appreciate moving out. Some write for a paycheque, and you can argue that getting paid to do something you love is utopia but does it alter the message (will they like it and pay me for it versus this is my soul, care to view it)? I don't doubt whatever you choose to put to page is worth reading Ms. Kasie, you have a wonderful style and perspective and a genuine and vulnerable approach to any subject. One can turn the most interesting story to garbage with poorly chosen words, or write something quite captivating about nothing (should you merely look at the subject or facts). I think the question also is not who will read it but what will they think after they've read it? Why do people read, and what might they take from reading you? I will say, not that I am a writer, but when I feel moved enough to put words to a page it is for me. Should someone else identify, take issue with, or in some regard feel something as a result - that's gravy.

    1. I agree, Ann. Writing for me is outlet, healing, and satisfaction for my artist's soul. Then again, so is scrapbooking :-)

      Wanting to be a writer "for a living" has made it tough for me to determine whether I should pursue those writing projects that seem self gratifying over those which might be more lucrative. It's all a process, though, and I'm happy to be able to experience it.

      Thanks for visiting Clemson Road. What do you think of the new look?


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