Monday, February 27, 2012

Rules of the 'Road

Someone said "blog daily, weekly, or not at all." So we're going to start with a daily and see if I can keep up. But I was one of those students who did the entire semester's journal the night before it was due, so I kinda doubt I'll be able to keep up. Just as a matter of warning.

Still, to avoid the weekly blog becoming full of nonsense and ramblings because I've thought of a million things I want to write about, we'll try daily and use the Gratitude Journal approach for those days when I don't have much to say.

Today I'm grateful for having the day off so I can watch the rained-out Daytona 500 at home. Go Denny!

Additional Rules: I will use Cuk for my darling husband and HB for the June Bug we live with. She's 3 and 4 on her birthday (which she'll tell you when you ask). I won't use proper names for any companies I am working for or with. I will use DTC because that's why we're headed to Clemson Road and we love them, like we'd marry them if we weren't already married to each other. I'll also use Clemson since that's where we met and we love it, too, in the way that only other Clemson grads understand.

No cussing, no libel or slander, nothing that would embarass my Nana if she knew I had posted it. Sorry, thrill seekers and scandal searchers.

That will cover it. I am, by nature, disinclined to establish too many rules. I'm a Libertarian.

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