Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mickey Mouse Parenting

The house in Easley has been on the market for a month. So we've worked "cleaning" into the morning routine and now every day before we leave for work and school we pull back the curtains, wipe down the sinks, and put everything away. It's amazing how keeping the place clean has become habit. 

I fought establishing a routine for HB. I like variety and I wanted her to be able to go-with-the-flow. Structure meant that when the routine broke she would be incapable of coping. I've seen two year olds who missed their 1 p.m. nap. Ugly.

In the mornings we have a list of 5 things that need to be done (breakfast, dressed, teeth, hair, shoes) and they can be done in any order she chooses.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tweet That

Last night was the first Daytona 500 I've ever watched without actually seeing a single lap. It wasn't that hard considering there was a 60 minute red flag after JP hit a jet dryer. Yep. You read that right. We call him JP cuz that's a good southern boy name.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rules of the 'Road

Someone said "blog daily, weekly, or not at all." So we're going to start with a daily and see if I can keep up. But I was one of those students who did the entire semester's journal the night before it was due, so I kinda doubt I'll be able to keep up. Just as a matter of warning.

The Rookie's First Post

In 2012 the theme is "land the plane!" and the first goal was to get Cuk promoted. So when he was promoted at the end of January we thought we'd really lucked out. But that was just the beginning. Now we're counting down the days until we arrive on Clemson Road, until our lives move frome here to there, until what is becomes what was and what will be becomes what is.

Angel Kisses and Overwhelming Gratitude

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