Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Life on Clemson Road

A year ago today I put up my first blog post. It was called, accurately, “The Rookie’s First Post.”

Since then Life on Clemson Road has taken a number of turns. Some good, some bad.

The theme for 2012 had been land the plane, but instead of buckling down and tying up loose ends, I ripped life out at the seams and sewed it up in another place.  

Like everything I ever experience, I have learned from this journey. Here are some of the lessons from this year we spent beyond the rainbow:

I don’t need everyone in the universe to read my blog. I love those of you who do!

I have to write. No one will do it for me.

I have something of value to say.

I cannot make other people want the life I want.

I cannot expect anyone else to work as hard as I will to be better than I am.

I have to go easy on myself sometimes. And take myself less seriously.

Life does not bring one challenge at a time. They arrive in batches.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Anniversary Coming Up

Next Tuesday (Feb 27th) will be Life on Clemson Road's one-year anniversary. Or birthday. Or whatever other kind of milestone name we want to give it. Seems like only yesterday I was writing the rookie's first post

I don't feel much like a rookie anymore, but I am still pleased with the journey I've shared and the support I've found online.

So, leading up to the anniversary I am going to be Tweeting. FB-ing, G+-ing, Pinning, and otherwise ridiculously pimping some of my favorite posts over the last year. 

If you're a friend and fan, please help me share the love. If you're new here, welcome!

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