Monday, June 25, 2012

Links, Not Golf, Not Sausage, Still Fun and Delicious

Let's generate some BUZZ by visiting some of the older posts. Cheap, shameless self promotion? Or a good platform-awareness-strategy? Eh. Who knows.

Per Darren Rowse at ProBlogger and Stanford Smith at Pushing Social, a 7 Link Challenge.

  1. Your first postThe Rookie’s First Post which explains the reigning philosophy for 2012: Land the Plane. I have traditionally been someone who was “all over the place” as my sister would say. I hope to focus in 2012. It’s now mid-way through the year and I’m more focused, but still not exactly on target.
  2. A post you enjoyed writing the mostCollector, Storyteller, or Hoarder because it describes the things HB carries with her. If you look closely, you might see some patterns that are similar to a great short story called The Things They Carried. Or I might be thinking too much of my own prose ability.
  3. A post which had a great discussionNotes on a Senseless Tragedy was about the murder of a musician in Florence, S.C. The discussion mostly took place on Facebook where the reporter covering the story and the musician’s fiancĂ© posted links to the blog. A lot of hits and I’m not sure it made a difference. But I was hoping to help them heal.

  1. A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d writtenCrashing, Connecting, and Creating by #amwriting creator Johanna Harness. I tweeted this as one of the most beautiful “why we write” posts I’ve ever read. She does a really great job with it.
  2. A post with a title that you are proud ofIn Which I Piss Off a Pulitzer Prize Winner because it followed the introductory post Not Anybody Like Me where I talked about how excited I was to meet this guy and what his work had done for me. Also because this post went up the day they announced the Pulitzer winners for 2011 and it got a ton of visibility as people Googled “Pulitzer.” Cheap, I know, but I didn’t plan that coincidence. No, really, I didn’t.
  3. A post that you wish more people had read – Is “All of them” an answer? I liked my Open Letter to the PGA and it was the only post that takes a stand on a hot topic. I usually save such commentary for the remarks on others’ links I share on FB. But I liked The Green, too, which is about my wonderful husband and St. Patty’s Day and a band we knew once.
  4. Your most visited post everThe Pirate Perspective is about how HB and I are coping with the move by playing games to change our perspective. I’m pretty sure it’s the image that has driven all of these hits since I used a kaleidoscope picture off of Google images. But I like to think people are actually reading my prattle about the 3-and-4-on-her-birthday girl going on a pirate ship disguised as daycare. Or was it daycare disguised as a pirate ship?


  1. Hi Kasie -
    I like this 7 link Challenge! In a few months, I want to do this as a post. I don't think it's shameless promotion, especially fo a new reader or one that has read only a few posts. I have to admit when I saw sausage" in the title, I did pause before clicking on my email. I'm a vegetarian & I think sausage does not smell good!
    I can't wait to read the ones I've missed, esp the post you like the most & the post you wished you would have written. Very fun!!


    1. Thanks, Monique. I didn't even think about my vegetarian friends! I was just thinking about various types of "links."

      Thanks for braving the uncertainty.

  2. Cool post Kasie! Maybe I will shamelessly steal this idea on the blog's one year anniversary. I bet it was a neat experience to go back through all your posts again. Isn't it amazing how much you have accomplished?

    1. Hi, Lauri.

      As I looked at the posts I was really proud of the work I'd done. I can't figure out why more people aren't hopelessly addicted to what I have to say ;-)

  3. I have enjoyed all of your posts and it's not just because I'm your Momma! Your writing has always been able to make me feel; sometimes I cried; sometimes I laughed; sometimes I got angry; but I ALWAYS feel something! You have a marvelous gift and I am so very proud of you!

  4. Yes, this needs to be shamelessly stolen. A terrific idea. Nice introduction to your blog. I had a similarly awkward blogging event this week. Just after I shipped my Tuesday post about postcard exchanging with Veronica Roth entitled "You've Got Mail," I got the news of Nora Ephron's passing. I don't think it had any effect on my traffic. Not a unique title by any stretch. Just weird synchronicity.


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