Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pep Talk

I’m built for something different.

When you know that about yourself, said Coach Curtis Frye, You are able to compete because you know you have something to offer. 

It’s not a direct quote, it’s translated from my notes; the notes that deliver this kick-ass message:

I am not afraid of hard work.

So why am I not WORKING?

This came at a good time, honestly, because when I visited my one client last week I thought about asking him to just hire me. Full time. 

Salary me. 

Cube me. 

It would be easier.

He desperately needs what I can do. He doesn’t want to pay for me, but he’d be shocked at how little I would cost. Come on, hire me. It would be easier for both of us.

Then during lunch I attended the Chamber of Commerce's Business at Midday. The topic was “Becoming Better Leaders,” and this old guy, Curtis Frye, who is a Gamecock (of all doggone things), coach to the University of South Carolina track and field team and also an Olympic team coach, spoke.

The message: Compete. Associate. Dream. Inspire others.

Okay. I’ve competed. I earned my education.

I’ve associated. I’ve been in technology and training and supply chain and operations and higher education. I have credentials and connections. I’m in trade organizations and support groups.

I’ve dreamed. I’ve been dreaming of independence. And I have it. And it’s hard. I said that already, I know.

So now is it time to move on to the inspire others phase? Stop looking inward at what I can do to advance myself and start looking outside at how I can help others.

Help. Others.

Thanks, ZigZigler. I’d forgotten that part of the mantra.

I’m in the game, but I haven’t been playing for the team, I’ve been loading my own stats card. Wrong approach, kid.

A new search starts today. No longer searching for customers. Now looking for people who need help, the kind of help I can provide. I've got skills. Time to share them.

Oh, and 5 a.m. workouts start again effectively immediately.

How can you help others get what they want?


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  2. Perhaps when we help others reach their goals then our goals are easier to reach. You, my dear, have so very much to offer and there are many people out there in this great world of ours who need your expertise. Putting yourself out there to help others is the right thing to do and I know in my heart you will be very successful. As always your writing inspires me!

    1. Thanks, mom. I needed that reminder today. Someone out there needs what I have to offer. I just have to find them. :-)

  3. I feel like this advice is tied your other post, but I'm going to post it here.

    Just be yourself, Kasie.

    That's how best you can help others. You have skills, dreams, and ideas. Take those ideas, package them, and present yourself to people who need and value your skills, dreams, and ideas. In this life it doesn't seem that honesty and truthfulness is important. But it is.

    Shopping around for a job where you have to change yourself might be good in the short term, but might not ultimately result in greatness. Or in your best interest. People need you, they need to see your face and hear your solutions to their needs.

    ;) I need you too. You're so awesome! Keep being awesome, keep taking steps, and you'll path will unfold before you.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my sweet wonderful friend. I'm going to keep this comment in a place where I can refer to it often.

      You're awesome, too!


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